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3 Months Online Classes

Two expert lessons are released each week each covering a different element of the curriculum.

Lessons are released each Monday and Wednesday.

Weekly Tutor Q&A Sessions

Live tutor question and answer sessions are conducted each week.

The live Q&A sessions are for you to get feedback, clarification or further explanations.

Recruitment Advice

At the end of your diploma you will be assigned a job search consultant.

Our recruitment partners are there to help and guide you find a suitable job.

Successful Leaders Inspire

Effective managers and leaders have acquired a set of skills and developed behaviours that set them apart from others. Successful leaders inspire and motivate people.

They have the ability to create a vision and transfer it to those around them. They encourage hope, positivity, ambition and compassion. They are good communicators; know about planning and more importantly they can manage people.

While all good managers are not leaders, all successful leaders certainly know how to manage people.

Good leaders have strong values, defined goals and clear plans to achieve those goals however they are pragmatic and embrace the change.

Strong Leaders Show Confidence

A good leaders flexible approach allows them to change their strategy and even beliefs to deal with different situation and unexpected developments especially in times of crisis. They are good problem solvers and encourage creativity, confidence and determination in their staff to overcome setbacks and problems.

Although skills are an important part of making a strong leader, it is the behaviour that often marks a successful leader. Great leaders show integrity, enthusiasm, determination, confidence and wisdom.

They understand people’s needs and group characteristics. They appreciate hard work and reward it accordingly.

Course Curriculum

Leadership Skills

  • Goal Orientated Thinking
  • Strategy
  • Risk and Opportunity Management
  • Developing People
  • Leadership Styles
  • Creative Thinking

Communicating as a Manager

  • Communications Styles
  • Interacting with People
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Body Language
  • Personal Branding

Difficult Conversations

  • Handling Conversations
  • Power of Emotions
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Delivering Bad News
  • How to Apologise

Giving Feedback

  • What is Feedback
  • Self-Criticism
  • How to Give Feedback
  • Power of Appreciation
  • How to Criticise Senior People
  • How to Receive Feedback

Problem Solving

  • Understanding Problem Solving
  • Defining the Problem
  • Generating Ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • Decision Making
  • Work Breakdown Structure

Performance & Appraisal Management

  • Performance Management
  • Appraisal Meetings
  • Goal Setting
  • Rewards
  • Coaching

Paul Russell

Managing Director  – Luxury Academy London

Learn more about Paul at:

Course Tutor

Paul Russell is an international luxury trainer and speaker with approaching 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognisable international brands and companies.

Paul is co-founder and managing director of Luxury Academy London which specialises in luxury skills development across the world.

Paul was born and spent his formative years in Mumbai India where he was privately educated by a team of three international tutors until 12 years of age. At twelve he was sent to England to complete his education and A-Levels at boarding school.

Paul holds a BSc, MSc and Doctorate in Workplace Psychology.

Paul regularly features in the media and has been interviewed by Sky, BBC, ITV, Times of London, Daily Mail, Entrepreneur Magazine, Family Office Magazine and Luxurious Magazine.

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